The Online Learning Platform

For many people gaining or maintaining a professional certification can seem unreachable.

Our learning platform provides easily accessible remote learning to automate delivery of the learning and certification journey.

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A learning platform for Campaign Managers and Coaches

Whatever learning resources you use or certification goals, our platform can automate part or all of the entire process.

Features Include:

  • Automated event registration
  • Hosted learning resources
  • Integration with external learning resources (such as G-Metrix and MeasureUp voucher management)
  • Automated communications
  • Exam management (bookings, resits, proctoring etc)
  • Management information
  • Individual learner activity tracking
  • Native language support

A learning platform that provides a supportive environment

Our team have powerful insights into how candidates are encouraged and motivated to achieve certification or compliance goals. We have used this knowledge to create an innovative learning platform.
  • Clearly defined and flexible learning pathways.
  • Agreed learning outcomes for each learner.
  • Curated learning resources.
  • Achievable progress goals.
  • Interactive query support.
  • Active online communities.
  • Raised engagement levels.
  • Built-in gamification algorithms to guide learners towards their goals.

Why use our platform?

Tens of thousands of students have used our platform to gain, one or more, professional certifications.

Traditional mass marketing campaigns result in large scale registrations with low completion rates. Our proven methodology drives learners to engage with the learning process and to follow through all the way to certification success. 

We get great feedback from students and our clients obtain a great ROI.

Over 50% of our learners opt into our learning community mailing lists, keeping the conversation going and reducing the cost of acquisition for subsequent campaigns. 

We offer flexible, tiered pricing which allows you to allow you to start large or small.

We built the platform to accommodate everything from a single learning journey offered to tens of candidates to an annual calendar offering multiple campaigns to thousands of learners.

Whatever your ambition, you can economically scale your learning campaigns and agree a pricing tier to suit you.

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